Fall Protection for Loading Docks

Fall Protection for loading docks, Safety Barrier, Safety Gate

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Did you know?

OSHA Regulation 1910.29(b1)(b2)(b3)(b4) requires fall protection for loading docks with a drop of 48" or more!

No Protection? 

Dangerous drop-offs expose everyone to potential falls and injuries and puts your business at risk. 

Avoid OSHA Fines, Reduce Risks and Provide a Safe Environment - Use Fall Protection!!

For additional information on OSHA Regulations and safety information, visit our Safety Corner...


The Twist Loc! Fall Protection Kit is like nothing you've ever seen!

Pre-Assembled Kit / Heavy Duty Parts  Safety Yellow Poly-coated Chains 

Easy to Install  Affordable  Patented  / Made in USA

 Engineer Tested and Certified to meet OSHA Regulation 1910.29

Kit Prices range from $340 - $350

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Our Goal?

To provide Fall Protection that is affordable, durable, and OSHA Compliant -

It's important that every company has the ability to protect themselves from risks and

ensure the safety of their employees and others working on loading docks!!

Safety First with Safe Doc!™




Ron Nekula

Safety and Quality Manager

"I was surpised how easy installation was."

"The best feature is the replaceable links that can be replaced when too much stress is introduced to the chain. When a forklift backed into the chains, the links gave way before causing damage to the door, minimizing cost of repair."


"Benefits of the system include safety for the employees, meets OSHA requirements for fall protection at 4ft heights, and the convenience of being able to latch and unlatch easily"

"Great system and Outstanding service!!"